Litigation Support and Damage Quantification Services

Our highly qualified professionals are prepared to guide you through your tax and accounting needs. We are always here to provide you with up to date leading-edge resources.

GenNext can support you in quantifying economic damages in a wide range of circumstances and industries. We assist lawyers with preparing questions for discovery and provide expert testimony where necessary. We assist both the plaintiff and defense lawyers in an advisory capacity during mediations and arbitrations.

Our team draws on valuation expertise to help prepare organized and detailed estimates of damages. Once the economic damage report has been compiled and damages have been evaluated, we work with all parties to review the assumptions used and ensure comprehensive understanding of the concluded calculations. We work with all parties until a settlement or judgment comes to term.

We assist in quantifying economic damages in the following areas:

  • Personal injury (motor vehicle, slip and fall)
  • Business Interruption
  • Breach of Contract& Wrongful Dismissal
  • Product Liability
  • Others as required

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