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How to Create a Business Name in Ontario for your Corporation?

Ontario is one of several Provinces in Canada which requires a NUANS report to be completed and provided with the Articles of Incorporation documents to start your business. A NUANS report is  created using the business name you wish to incorporate  and operate under. It lists any existing businesses across Canada, including trademarks, Incorporations and registered businesses. The mandatory NUANS report can be ordered simply through this link for $24.99 to secure your business name before incorporating. It is also recommended that you complete a preliminary search for more than one business name(s) you may wish to use for availability. You can search 1 business name for $10.00 or three for $20.00. The NUANS report also provides you with the ability to search the business name as part of the ordering process. If the name is available, the NUANS report is ordered. If the name is not available, you can provide a new name at no additional cost.

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Corporation in Ontario?

In Ontario, there is a one time fee for incorporating a company with the government. The articles of Incorporation establish the rules the corporation functions under and the certificate of Incorporation certifies the articles of incorporation. These documents form the by-laws that regulate the operation of your corporation. Careful consideration and expertise should be used to ensure the corporation is set up in a manner to allow you to achieve the goals that have been established for the new corporate entity.

Our fee to assist you in preparing and filing the Articles of Incorporation  starts at $1,000.00 plus applicable taxes and includes Provincial registration fees, assistance with your organizational structure as well as, your Corporate Minute Book, Corporate Seal(Optional), Resolutions, By-laws, Organizational Meeting(First meeting of the Board of Directors), Provincial Officer reporting, share issuance and more.

With our incorporation process, you can choose the class of shares for your corporation. One class of shares provides each shareholder with the right to vote. Another class of shares can permit non-voting investor shares. We can assist you to structure your shares to your specific needs.

Domain and Social Media

With the assumption that any business created will have online exposure whether or not, a website is created, it is important to ensure that the proposed business name is available in whatever social media outlet you intend to represent the business through.


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